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    Dr. Salehi-Had was very informative on all may visits. He explained in detail on the procedure of the surgery. He was very positive on what he was going to do and what will happen after the surgery. During the pre-op everyone was helpful and there must have been at least 4 people asking me the same questions, medical allergies, what eye is going to be operated on, what kind of surgery,etc. Everyone was very informative on what was happening. I was quite comfortable. The best part was I was only 3 miles from the facility. After the surgery I had zero pain, zero pressure on my eye. Dr. Salehi-Had said it will be blurry for several days, and it was. There was no discomfort at all, besides wearing that plastic patch over the eye. In one week I was back in the water surfing.

    I want to thank Dr. Salehi-Had and staff and to you Vanessa for all the help you provided for me.

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