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Medical Management

If you wear contact lenses, your doctor will suggest that you discontinue them for some time. Antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed for corneal infections, and tear substitutes for dryness. Special eye drops that dilate the pupils or other medications may be prescribed to relieve pain. In case of severe corneal ulcers, you may need to be hospitalized.

Surgical Management

An emergency corneal transplant may be necessary in cases of failed medical treatment or when there are chances of the ulcer perforating your cornea. A corneal transplant can be performed with a full-thickness transplant or a partial-thickness transplant. In full-thickness transplant, your doctor will replace the entire cornea with donor tissue, while partial-thickness transplant involves replacing only a part of the corneal tissue with the donor graft tissue. After the surgery, inform your doctor if you experience pain, fever or discharge from the eyes.

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