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Color Blindness

What is Color Blindness?

Vision disorders are conditions that cause impairment in our sense of vision. These disorders are often caused by certain eye diseases or structural abnormalities of the eye. Abnormal color vision, also termed as color blindness, is the inability to differentiate between certain shades of color. Patients with color blindness may not be able to recognize the difference between shades of red and green, and shades of blue and yellow.

Symptoms of Color Blindness

Color blindness is an inherited condition, and men are more likely to be affected by this condition. Certain diseases of the eye and medications may also cause abnormal color vision. The most common symptoms of color blindness include:

  • Difficulty in seeing colors and brightness of colors
  • Difficulty in differentiating shades of the same color
  • Side to side movements of the eyes

Color blindness can go unnoticed as the symptoms are usually mild. However, it can be detected when your child starts learning about colors for the first time. Your ophthalmologist can also diagnose color blindness with routine eye examinations. Currently, there is no treatment for this condition, except for special contact lenses that can help differentiate between shades.

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